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Breaking the isolation that is so common among us

Each of us in Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A.) knows the confusion and difficulty of walking into our first few meetings, feeling like a newcomer in new surroundings. Whether we took this courageous step out of pain and hopelessness, sought relief from longing and emptiness, or were directed to attend, we move toward recovery by being here.
There are many kinds of meetings, and each has its own personality. If you don’t find quite the right meeting the first time, we suggest attending other meetings; “take what you like and leave the rest.” You will hear a variety of stories from members in recovery from sex and love addiction. Our common denominator is our obsessive/compulsive behavior.

For the times when you can’t make it to a local meeting, there are other options as well:

S.L.A.A.-GDVI offers its members several activities, opportunities throughout the year to gather and experience fellowship in addition to and outside of meetings. Throughout the year, our Social Activities committee organizes various social events. We have found that GDVI-sponsored activities benefit our recovery through these additional connections with other S.L.A.A. members.

Portions excerpted from © 1997 S.L.A.A. Welcome pamphlet