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What Kinds of S.L.A.A. Meetings Are There? There are many meeting formats in S.L.A.A. Each meeting’s format is decided by “group conscience,” and is subject to change by that group. Here are some common meeting formats. Several of these formats may be combined in any meeting.

Speaker Meeting. One or more members of S.L.A.A. share experience, strength and hope by telling their “stories.” Each speaker’s story provides an opportunity to reflect on our own history, feelings, and challenges.

Topic Discussion Meeting. A specific recovery topic is suggested by the members, or taken from S.L.A.A.  literature. When this type of meeting is combined with a Speaker format, embers may also be invited to share how they relate to the speaker’s story.

Step Meeting. The group focuses on one of the Twelve Steps, often reading out of the S.L.A.A. basic text, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. The group might also have one person speak on the Step. The meeting is then open for other members to share on that Step.

Women’s Meeting. The groups are available only to women in recovery for S.L.A.A. and focus on maintaining a safe environment to discuss issues relevant to their recovery.

Getting Current Meeting. Members are encouraged to briefly share with the group the recent or on-going emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges to their sobriety, or to ask for help if they are in danger of acting out. Sometimes an entire meeting is devoted to “getting current.”

Beginner’s/Newcomer Meeting. The meeting addresses specific concerns of newcomers to S.L.A.A., or beginners on the road to recovery. Topics often revolve around the first three Steps, sponsorship, bottom lines, abstinence, or withdrawal.

For a list of commonly asked questions about what to expect at meetings, click here.

Closed Meeting.  These meetings are closed to outside participants, but are Open to all S.L.A.A. members and for people who think they may have a problem with sex and love addiction. Call the listed contact person for information.

Legal Consequences Meeting.  A safe “closed meeting,” (as defined above).  In addition, the meeting is open only to men and women who have had legal consequences associated with their sex and love addiction. We use an optional feedback format that allows questions and answers to the many legal concerns of the offender. Read more here.

Other types of S.L.A.A. meetings also exist. If you have questions about a meeting, please be encouraged to ask local members about it.

Excerpted from © 1997 The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A.-FWS, Welcome pamphlet