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Legal Consequences SLAA Meetings

S.L.A.A. Meeting for those members who have had OR could have consequences as a result of their acting out behaviors

Tradition 12 of SLAA & other 12-step meetings reinforces the need for anonymity and safety in our meetings. This is critical to the successful, ongoing recovery of our members.  Anonymity provides safety for attendees when they face or could face legal consequences due to their compulsive sexual behaviors. 

The Sexual Life and Legal Consequences (SLLC) Meetings are specifically designed to create a space of safety where attendees discuss issues of their acting out in ways that would classify them as an ‘offender.’

As the saying goes, “We are only as sick as our secrets,” so the SLLC meeting creates a space for individuals to share their secretive behaviors (in a non-legally-compromising way) so that they can begin the recovery process. 


Sunday 7pm ET/4pm PT – SLLC Getting Current Men’s Meeting with Michael S.

Tuesday 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT  – SLLC Topic Men’s Meeting with Brian F & Jonathan L

Wednesday 8:45pm ET / 5:45pm PT – SLLC Getting Current Men’s Meeting with Rob S.


Last Tuesday of the Month at 7pm ET / 4pm PT – SLLC Women’s Meeting with Stephanie W.


SLLC meetings are open to those who have, have had, or could have legal consequences as result of their sexual acting out behaviors including those sexually-related activities that victimize another person such as: sexual harassment, exhibitionism, voyeurism, indecent phone calls, and indecent liberties, child abuse, child pornography, incest, seducing another from a position of trust, rape, embezzlement to fund acting out behaviors, prostitution and soliciting prostitutes, exploitation, and victimization are often components.

Legal consequences include: arrest, imprisonment, probation, Megan’s Law/SORNA, divorce, etc.


In order to ensure we are carrying out our primary purpose to carry our message to the addict who still suffers, we require that attendees prequalify attendance with a trusted servant. You may think it odd that a recovery group with this primary purpose would implement measures to pre-screen its attendees, so we want to clarify this important factor in our SLLC meetings. Before someone can get the maximum benefit of our recovery-based meeting, they must feel safe in sharing honestly, and others in the meeting must be comfortable sharing with them. Therefore, we are a closed special interest meeting which we define as a meeting open only to individuals who seek to stop compulsive sexual behaviors with the high potential for legal and life consequences. No other attendees are allowed, including therapists, attorneys, probation or parole officers, law enforcement, the press or media, etc.

To Pre-qualify with a trusted servant, send us a message by clicking here.


Accessing the Meeting. The only way to get information about the meeting is by completing the form at One of the SLLC leadership group will reply to all inquiries within 72 hours. The SLLC trusted servants team are all in long-term recovery who serve as secretaries, hosts, or administrators for the meetings. 


Open discussion is allowed. While many recovery meetings do not allow “crosstalk” or promote open discussions, this meeting does. We do not directly give advice, we DO however share our own experience, strength, and hope. One of the main purposes of SLLC is to allow our members with more experience with legal consequences to share their experiences with new members. The only way we can do that is to allow and openly encourage members to share with microscopic honesty. Members are encouraged to “take what they need and leave the rest”


The Sexual Life and Legal Consequences meetings are part of the SLAA Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup. Attendees may join if they are part of any “S” Fellowship including SA, SAA, SLAA, SPAA, etc. We require that all members be (or become) part of a primary 12-step fellowship within their first few SLLC meetings. SLLC is a supplement for your recovery meetings, not a “home group” or primary meeting.

Permitted SLLC Outreach 

Information about SLLC meetings may be shared by directing an individual to this page ( or exactly duplicating the following text:

The Sexual Life and Legal Consequences (SLLC) meetings exist to provide a supplemental 12-step inspired recovery environment for individuals whose sexual behaviors and/or actions may have significant life or legal consequences. Separate meetings exist for men and women. Information can be requested at or by calling 609-621-7522.