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*Conference Committee Definition – A group of Conference and non-Conference members that work throughout the year to help accomplish the work of the Conference. There are 15 Conference Committees that vary in focus and activity. During the Annual Business Meeting (ABM), Conference Committees meet to discuss the ABM Agenda, projects, priorities, funds required, and membership.

Tools of Recovery

From S.L.A.A.'s experience, those who are recovering from sex and love addiction suggest that you:

  • If you don’t know where to start, read through our Newcomers page.
  • Define your bottom line behavior (those activities from which we must refrain in order to attain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness).
  • DON’T ACT OUT (i.e., acting out pain, shame, anger, etc. sexually/romantically, etc.; rather than talking it out) – just for today, this hour, this moment – no matter what! – IT WILL PASS.
  • Ask for help on a daily basis.
  • Set aside a time of prayer each morning and ask “Help me to stay away from ________ for today.”
  • Set aside a time of thanks each night and express gratitude for the help received by saying “Thank you.”
  • Attend S.L.A.A. meetings regularly.
  • Get names and phone numbers of sober S.L.A.A. members; call them.
  • Call the daily Inspiration Line and/or the weekly Inspiration Story Line
  • Read S.L.A.A. literature.
  • Join a group.
  • Get active in your group and in your local Intergroup.
  • Keep a personal journal.
  • Get a sponsor or talk to an S.L.A.A. person on a daily basis for your withdrawal period.
  • Study the Twelve Steps.

Excerpted © 1985 S.L.A.A., Suggestions for Newcomers and © 1997 SLAA Welcome

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