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You Are Not Alone

Group Level

Do You See Yourself Here?

If so, you are not alone. Individual patterns of sex and love addiction vary. If you will visit the 12 Characteristics page, you will see patterns that are common among us.

Some of the first questions we faced as we began to attend meetings were:

“Am I an addict? Am I a sex and love addict? What is the nature of my addiction?”

Please take the time to discover the answers to these questions for yourself. The 40 Questions page may help you. It is taken from the S.L.A.A. pamphlet, “40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis,” which is available here in PDF, at most meetings and through S.L.A.A. Fellowship-Wide Services (FWS).

For more information, see the pamphlets “Introduction to Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous,” “Questions Beginners Ask,”  and “Anorexia: Sexual, Social and Emotional,” also available at most meetings and from S.L.A.A.’s international office, Fellowship-Wide Services.

Excerpted from © 1997 S.L.A.A. “Welcome” pamphlet



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