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As some meetings start to re-open, you can find out the status of every meeting in the Greater Delaware Valley. Find out if your local meeting is back open, still closed, or replace temporarily as a virtual or phone meeting.

Visit our on-line meeting locator map to find meetings in near a specific address or zip code (only for the Greater Delaware Valley Area).

On-Line, Phone and Meetings In Other Areas

Full Meeting List - Greater Delaware Valley Area

To request a copy of the area’s entire S.L.A.A.-GDVI Meeting List (over 70 meetings), please use the Contact Us page or you may call and leave a message on the Information Line, 609-621-SLAA (7522).Icon Document 

 What are some of the most often asked questions about attending meetings?

Please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about attending S.L.A.A meetings.

Why don’t you publish all the meetings on your web site?
For anonymity reasons, some groups would prefer not to have their meetings published on the web site.

If We Don’t Reply
If you have requested a full meeting list by writing to Contact GDVI and have not received an email with the full meeting list attached within 72 hours, please check your Junk Mail or Spam folders. Occasionally we receive delivery failure notifications and can not reach you. Sometimes these occur if you are writing from a business email address; please try writing from a personal email address if you have not heard from us. If you still do not receive your meeting list, please call the Information Line to request a copy via postal mail.

Beginner’s Meetings 
Beginner’s meetings are open to anyone who knows or who thinks they might have a problem with sex and love addiction. You are welcome to attend Beginner’s Meetings and find out. Beginner’s Meetings are supported by seasoned members of S.L.A.A., many of whom would be honored to share their recovery experience, strength and hope with you.