Zoom Step Screen GDVI Women’s Step Retreat Weekend

When: Friday, February 26 to Sunday, February 28, 2021

Before registering, please:


February 26 to February 28, 2021


  • Identify as a Sex and Love Addict or think you have a problem with Sex and Love addiction.

  • Have access to ZOOM on a phone or computer device with video capabilities.

  • Please download & update the recent version ZOOM prior to check-in at https://zoom.us/download.

  • Dial in​ without ​video options will be available only for those with legal consequences and must contact the ​retreat coordinator​ prior to registering.

  • Due to this being a virtual retreat you must be signed in ​no later than 7:00 pm ET on Friday, no later than 9:00 am ET on Saturday and Sunday​ of the retreat in order to participate.

  • You will be required to stay signed in to the Zoom meeting each day from the time you log in until we end for the day. There are many scheduled breaks. Schedule below.

    (please keep this in mind if you are using a cell phone for attendance)

  • Willing to be open, flexible and supportive of the retreat coordinators and attendees throughout the weekend.

  • The S.L.A.A. Basic Text is used for the entirety of the retreat weekend which will not be shown as a share screen. Please have your basic text with you in order to participate. (You can order a copy of the basic text by contacting our ​literature coordinator​) or through Fellowship Wide Services ​Online Store​ or have shipped with your registration packet.

  • After registering and paying for the retreat, an email will be sent with​ “Step 2.”​ You will be required to register your email address with zoom in order to receive the direct link to attend the retreat.

  • Prior to registering, read the attached schedule to assist you with answering questions about the virtual retreat. Please reach out to the ​retreat coordinator​ if you still need further information.


  • We have included breaks indicated on the schedule. These breaks are opportunities to get to know others as well as time for self care or meals.

  • You are welcome to turn off your video feature or keep your audio off if you need a self care break at any time throughout the weekend.

  • E-Readers or Kindles are welcome, although pages differ from that of the basic text.

Format of the Retreat:

  • During the retreat weekend we will read and share on the 12 Steps-together. If you have worked on the Steps in this type of format before, you already know its value. If you have not done any study of the Steps, intensive or otherwise, this is a great way to do it, especially the first time. It gives you hope and faith that the program steps work. Regardless of where any one individual is in the Step study process, we are able to learn from sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other.

  • There will be leaders and speakers selected at random on the Friday introduction of the weekend. We trust our Higher Power in this process and know whoever is chosen to speak or lead is strengthening their own recovery and offering value to ours.

Cost to Register: $50 (before 1/30/21) / $75 (on or after 1/31/21) helps to support the Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup to continue our work on carrying the message to the Sex and Love addict who still suffers. No more registrations will take place after 2/19/2021, 11:59pm ET. You will also receive a packet of information mailed to the address you provide.

Included with registration is:

  • Invitation to the Zoom weekend

  • A retreat packet that will be mailed 10 to 14 days prior to the weekend (US ONLY/ Outside US will be emailed)

  • A Guide to the Steps Workbook which is used only for the Step 4 writing assignment of the retreat

  • An opportunity to grow in your recovery journey

  • Opportunities to meet new fellows

  • S.L.A.A. giveaways Saturday night