Morristown +13126266799,,5567030426# e-mail for a password

Morristown Virtual

Currently Virtual Meeting +13126266799,,7553273844# e-mail: to get password Use East Garage at the main entrance. Take Kahn elevators to level B, follow signs for Mo’Town cafe. Pass cafe and follow hall to conf room #3 on the right at the end of the hall.

Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital

Currently Virtual Meeting Password Required! e-mail: to get password Park in the outpatient & visitors parking lot, enter through the parking lot Outpatient Surgical Center entrance (Main hospital entrance doors closes at 6pm). Turn right through automatic doors. Go into Hospital main lobby, take elevators on right down to lower level, toward restrooms. Meeting […]

First Lutheran Church of Montclair

Wednesday and Friday Montclair meetings are virtual only. Monday Montclair meeting is both in-person and virtual. The church requires people to wears masks that cover their mouth and nose. Also to sit 3 feet apart from each other. In-Person and Virtual Meeting: +16465588656,,389450993# Password Required! Contact for password