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1.       Receive and deposit funds, approximately four or five checks once a month except for retreats.

2.       Spend money as authorized by Intergroup, approximately 2 checks a month

3.       Maintain funds in a depository institution.

4.       Maintain records of transactions

5.       Reconcile records of depository institution with intergroup records.

6.       Classify transactions and prepare periodic financial reports, including projections, as needed by intergroup.

7.       Interpret financial data and trends.

8.       Maintain a prudent reserve. (Prudent reserve currently defined as six months of basic expenditures)

9.       Advise as to financial consequences of proposed transactions.


1.       Ability to maintain a checking account and a household budget.

2.       Personal financial stability.

3.       Computer skills to include Quicken or other money management software (Desirable but not necessary).

4.       Live within Greater Philadelphia Area (Desirable but not necessary).

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