SLAA Service - Group/Meeting Level

Group LevelSLAA Traditions state the each group should be autonomous. Individual meetings rely heavily on both conference approved methods and group conscience to decide on how they will be conducted.

A large part of what makes a meeting or SLAA group successful is the service provided by its members.

Can you take on a role in making sure your meeting is doing the primary work of SLAA…to help others get sober from sex and/or love addiction?


    • Lead a meeting
    • Arrive early and help set up a meeting (put out literature, set up chairs, etc.)
    • Volunteer to be the official welcomer for newcomers
    • Take on an officer or coordinator role
      • Annual Chair
      • Treasurer
      • Literature Coordinator
      • Recording Secretary
    • Start a new SLAA meeting¬†

Taking on any role for your “home group” shows that you take some level of ownership for the meeting. It helps both you and the meeting.