SLAA Service - Worldwide/Fellowship-Wide Services Level

slaa lifesaver cropped-SLAA-LOGOBW2014CleanedUp-548e668b_site_iconThere are many opportunities for your to both benefit from service, and have a lasting impact on the face of SLAA Worldwide.

Regionally, groups are organized into “Intergroup” areas. As a collective, all the Intergroups roll up into the Worldwide organization of SLAA known as Fellowship-Wide Services (or FWS). Each Intergroup can send a Delegate to the Annual Business Meeting to help get a global group conscience on how SLAA should be organized.

See how you might be able to participate in service at the Global/Fellowship-Wide Services level:

Many feel as though doing service at the global level has been a critical component to their ongoing sobriety in SLAA.