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About the Inspiration Page

No matter how long you’ve been in recovery, whether newcomer or “seasoned old-timer,” you have experience, strength and hope to offer. Please offer it here!

GDVI is accepting your thoughts about your favorite recovery slogans and quotes from S.L.A.A. literature, personal reflections on any Step/Tradition, brief stories of S.L.A.A. recovery, and other recovery-oriented messages of inspiration, for the Inspirational Message page.

As this new service opportunity catches on, eventually postings will change weekly. Webmaster-editor will edit for length (about 300 words or less), typos, grammar, and punctuation. Please do not be graphic in your sharing (i.e., refrain from naming specific people and geographic references).

Messages of inspiration may be submitted to: Contact GDVI.

“Thank you for sharing!”

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