2022 GDVI Spring Recovery In-Person Retreat

Retreat Feedback

All your responses will be completely anonymous. If you have specific concerns or need to talk to someone about the weekend please contact us at pa12stepretreat@gmail.com

Filling in the “Comments sections” are extremely helpful for planning other retreats. Thank you.
Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.
Retreat Feedback
1. Where is your home group?

2. Did you review the orientation material (ground rules and schedule information)?

3. How would you rate the safety rules and schedule information provided for the retreat? *

4. Did you feel the retreat was affordable? *

5. How was the food provided by the retreat location(in the dining room)? *

6 Did you like the retreat location (Daylesford Abbey)? *

7. Did you like having speakers and 12 step meetings throughout the weekend? *

8. Rate the workshops you attended. How useful was the information that was presented in your recovery journey?

5 - extremely useful, 4 - very useful, 3 - moderately useful, 2 - slightly useful, 1 - not at all useful N/A - did not attend

Anorexia Tools (Leader: Ava)
Sober Dating (Leader: Steph W)
Emotional release (Leader: Michael)
Fantasy & Conflict (Leader: Radha)
Having Fun in Recovery (Leader: Risa)
3 circles (Leader: Cyntaya)
Healing the Shame that Binds You (Leader: Angelo)
Higher Power boot camp (Leader: Jon A)
Journal writing & decorating (Leader: Rochelle)
Withdrawal (Leader: Jenny)
Shape up your Recovery in thirds (Leader: Steph C)
Tools to help you stay sober (Leader: Joe O)
Sponsorship Q & A (Leader: Steve P)

10. How satisfied were you with the organization of the retreat?

11. Did you like the schedule of events and breaks provided by the retreat? *

12. Did you feel safe (in terms of your sobriety) at this retreat? *

13. Rate the following events. Did you enjoy the event or find it useful?

5 - extremely, 4 - very much, 3 - moderately, 2 - slightly , 1 - not at all, N/A - did not attend

Yankee Swap Gift Exchange
GDVI Fundraiser
Name tag and folder decorating
Sponsorship Presentation (Friday night)
Opportunity to purchase literature
Snacks available

14. What interested or motivated you to register for this retreat?
Check more than one if applicable

15. Would you be interested in attending a GDVI 12 step retreat from 9/23/22-9/25/22 at the Daylesford Abbey, Paoli PA?

16. If you are located in NJ, PA or DE would you be interested in being an Intergroup rep for your home meeting?