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GDVI Meeting Update Form

Meeting Update Form

This form should be used by designated meeting intergroup representative or other trusted servant to keep the Intergroup informed about individual (or grouped) meetings so GDVI can provide better service to our members and groups.

Before completing this form, it’s suggested that you check out your meeting’s listing at the meetings page and note any meeting updates or changes that need to be processed.

GDVI Meeting Reporting Form

Please note that all questions are optional. Completing this survey helps the Intergroup understand both the needs of our members and groups and to plan for the future. Your participation is appreciated. You do not need to have ‘exact counts’ anywhere in the survey, your best estimate is fine.

Your Name
Your Name
Last Initial
Please choose your meeting delivery formats (choose all that apply)
In which ways do you keep your online meetings safe? (Choose all that apply)
Does your meeting have an intergroup representative?
Does your meeting have multiple individuals serving on intergroup committees?
Does your meeting script/format reference newcomers?
Does your meeting format mention sponsorship?
Regarding S.L.A.A. Literature, please choose all that apply.
Regarding Contact Lists, please choose all that apply.
Does your meeting offer time for SLAA or Intergroup Announcements?
Do you receive GDVI updates and the monthly HeadLine News (HLN) via email?
Does your meeting ask for donations from its members (7th Tradition)
How does your meeting use the donation money it collects?
Does your meeting ever have significant concerns around finance or attendance that could result in the meeting disbanding?
Does your meeting distribute chips for significant milestones? (Examples: Welcome chips, 1 day sober chips, 1 week, 2 week, month anniversaries, etc)
What service opportunities are available to your meeting’s members?
Fellowship is a time to socialize with other members of the program in a healthy way. What kinds of opportunities for fellowship does your meeting offer?