2017 GDVI Officer and Committee Positions and Nomination Form
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(All positions are 1 year positions)
(All positions are 1 year positions)

General Chair:
Sobriety Requirement: 1 year
Annual chairperson for all Intergroup meetings and activities for S.L.A.A. in the Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup (GDVI) area.
Vice Chair:
Sobriety Requirement: 1 year
Works jointly with the General Chair to provide Intergroup leadership of meetings and oversight both as a substitute in the Chair’s absence and in partnering with the Chair.

Sobriety Requirement: 2 years and accounting or bookkeeping skills
Manages all financial aspects of the Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup, including financial accounts, 7th Tradition contributions, budgets and dispensing of funds.

Recording Secretary:
Sobriety Requirement: 6 months
Responsible for documenting and updating the activities of the Intergroup, including taking and revising meeting minutes at the monthly meetings.

Corresponding Secretary:

Sobriety Requirement: 6 months
Manages all communications to and from the GDVI, including distribution of meeting minutes, board member announcements, announcements to the greater GDVI community and correspondences with Fellowship Wide Services and other local Intergroups.

Delegates to the Annual Business Meeting (ABM)
Sobriety Requirement: 1 Year
Represents the GDVI at the Annual Fellowship Wide Services Business meeting, voting on the interests of our Intergroup and reporting back issues of importance from the Business Meeting.

Meeting List Coordinator:
Sobriety Requirement: 6 months
Maintains and updates the official GDVI list of meetings and the mini-list of meetings posted on the web site with any changes, additions or deletions.Information Line Coordinator
Sobriety Requirement: 6 months
The Information Line Coordinator is the contact point-person that connects SLAA member-volunteers interested in responding to calls for SLAA meetings and information with the opportunity to do so.

Inspiration Line Volunteers
Sobriety Requirement: 6 months
The Inspiration Line Committee coordinates and schedules volunteers who record daily outbound messages to callers to the line and listen to any messages left by callers.

Literature Coordinator
Sobriety Requirement: 6 months
Responsible for maintaining inventory and fulfilling orders for S.L.A.A literature ordered through the GDVI.

Website Coordinator
Sobriety Requirements- 6 months
Responsible for ongoing maintenance of the GDVI website (slaadvi.org) content, including updates to upcoming events, newsletters and mini-meeting list.  Also responsible for responding back to e-mail sent through the web site, including requests for the full meeting list.

Social Committee Coordinator
Sobriety Requirement- 6 months
Plans, organizes and promotes GDVI social activities throughout the year, such as fellowship picnics, nature hikes and other events to encourage sober fellowship.

Institutional Outreach
Sobriety Requirement: 6 months
Main Purpose: Organize and recruit other SLAA Meetings to join in the opportunity to carry the SLAA message of recovery to sex and love addicts who are still-suffering while in treatment centers for another addiction.

Retreat Committee Chairperson:
Sobriety Requirements 6-months,
Two separate Retreat committee chair positions that are open to manage either the Spring Spirituality Weekend or the Fall/Winter Step Retreat.

Headline News Editor:
Sobriety Requirements: 6 months
Responsible for creating content and publishing the monthly 1-2 page official newsletter of the GDVI, called Headline News.

Graphic Design Coordinator:
Sobriety Requirements: 6 months
Designs all printed material such as fliers, pamphlets and retreat material for GDVI distribution

Online Nomination Form – All positions are for one year (2017)