COVID RecommendationsGDVI guidelines regarding in person meetings

For in-person meetings, if your group chooses to, we strongly recommend the following recommendations:

1. Social distancing as per current CDC guidelines

2. Mask wearing at all times covering mouth and nose

3. Bring hand sanitizer and sanitize your own space

4. No hand holding or any other close contact with fellows

5. No sharing of food or beverages

6. Avoid sharing printed materials. Use digital personal copies of materials whenever possible

7. Do not pass a basket for 7th tradition. Correct change encouraged. Alternatively, fellows can make Online contributions to GDVI or FWS

8. Define the number of attendees in your meeting space based on following CDC recommendations. Identify a standard policy on how to deal with overflow fellows

9. Non-adherence of these recommendations will be dealt at the group level. GDVI will not be involved with these matters.

10. These recommendations are fluid and subject to change depending on current CDC guidelines