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GDVI Annual Spirituality Weekend Retreat

Dates: April 3 to 5, 2020

Venue: Daylesford Abbey, Paoli, PA

Registration on-line here

Retreat format: Regardless of where any one individual is in their recovery journey, we are able to learn from sharing our experience, strength and hope together. This weekend involves a variety of topics and workshops, speakers, along with 12 step meetings and a Saturday night Talent Show.  This weekend is only open to anyone who is an S.L.A.A. member or thinks they might benefit from the program. Non-participating guests are not allowed. Check ins begin on Friday at 3:00pm, Dinner 5:40pm with a welcoming and intros starting promptly at 6:30pm. We close the weekend on Sunday around 12:30pm.

Workshops and Topics include:

  • Defining Bottom, Middle and Top Lines
  • My Addiction Tree: Developing a Sobriety plan
  • Anorexia
  • Sponsorship
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Guided Meditation
  • What We Freely Receive
  • Emotional Release
  • Crystal Healing
  • 12 Step Meetings
  • Speakers
  • More to come…

Workshop Descriptions & Information for 2020 Spirituality Retreat

Workshops are alphabetized, not in order of start time. Subject to change



“3 Circles”

LEADER: Cyntaya W.

The inner circle is often called your “bottom lines”, the middle circle behaviors are what brings you close to acting out and the outer circle is referred to as your “top line behaviors.” In this workshop you will work on defining these and have the option to share or discuss if desired.


“Accepting the things we cannot change”


Most of us struggle with accepting ourselves and those around us, wishing we could change that which is beyond our control. This workshop will explore how Acceptance can help build healthier relationships with ourselves and others and offer practical suggestions for incorporating Acceptance into daily life through prayer and dialogue.


“Anorexia – Tools and Top Lines”


Is it safer to stay late at work or stay home than attend social events? Is it easier to stay single or engage in hook-ups than to navigate a relationship? Do you stay in sexually or emotionally unfulfilling relationships because you think you don’t deserve better? You might have some degree of anorexia – the compulsive avoidance of intimacy in social, sexual & emotional arenas. ​We’ll get things started with a spirited game of Anorexia Bingo. We’ll then explore how anorexia infiltrates our lives in visible and not so visible ways. Lastly we’ll share anorexia tools & top lines – touching on how some of them can deepen isolation.


“Crystal Healing”


This workshop is an introduction into the world of Crystals and the use of them to help Support Our Sobriety, with the daily challenges and opportunities of life. In this workshop, you will be exploring the ​Spiritual, Emotional and Physical potential as well as learning an affirmation for each of these Crystals; We will explore: AVENTURINE, CARNELIAN, CITRINE, MOSS AGATE, QUARTZ (CLEAR), RED JASPER, ROSE QUARTZ, SELENITE, SODALITE & TIGER EYE (Materials and Samples of the 12 Crystals are provided to each participant). This workshop will be offered on Saturday and Sunday.


“Emotional Release”

LEADER: Michael S.

This workshop will explore how untreated and unresolved early trauma almost always develops into addiction. This workshop will be limited to 7 participants. Ideally a mix of men and women. This will be a ​very intense​ workshop on personal trauma and how it relates to addiction. For this reason it is a 3 hour workshop. Participants will experience emotional surgery and release. The safety of the participants is of utmost importance therefore once the workshop begins, no one else will be permitted to join. (we will have a signup sheet in the Chapter Room on Friday evening). ​Rewriting Our Story​:​ This time from 4:30PM to 5:30PM is allotted for anyone who attended the emotional release workshop. Michael will keep this safe space for you if you need additional time to share. Please be mindful of the time. There will be several 10 minute time slots available; Sign up will be located outside the workshop room


“Healthy Relationships”


In this hands-on workshop we will explore creative and unique ways to help develop and improve our relationships with ourselves and our higher power. This will be an interactive session, so bring your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations to share as well. ​This workshop will be offered on Saturday and Sunday.

“Journal Decorating”


Have fun with magazines, stickers, tissue paper, mod-podge and create your own personalized journal. Journals will be provided. The leader will get you started, but the rest is up to you! (clean up required by participants when complete).


“Meditation for Self Love”


In this session, participants will be guided through a meditation which has the goal of developing love and nurturance towards ourselves and our physical bodies.​ (Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket or pillows and if you own a yoga mat please bring for yourself or extra ones to share).

“My Addiction Tree”


Supercharge your recovery with My Addiction Tree. The My Addiction tree model and Squirrel Hunting will be explained during the workshop. My Addiction Tree metaphor will be used to develop a sobriety plan which does not rely on Willpower. You will model your own addiction tree and develop an action plan to counteract YOUR Addiction Tree. We will address both the Sex and Love aspects of our disease. ​This workshop will be offered on Saturday and Sunday.


“S .L.A.A. Journal Topics & Writing Workshop”


The Journal is the S.L.A.A. ​monthly/bi-monthly “meeting in print” magazine focusing on S.L.A.A. recovery and related issues. In this workshop we will review prior Journal Topics, along with answering and sharing on “Questions of the Day” (where your responses can be seen in upcoming issues).


“Sponsorship Q & A”

LEADER: Rick S. / All

What questions do you have about Sponsorship? Do you have a sponsor but do not sponsor yet? Are you ready? Wondering how to handle a recent experience with your sponsor or sponsee? This is a Q and A. Anyone can ask or offer input in this session.


“Strengthening Sobriety through Sponsorship”


This is a discussion and writing workshop using the draft form of an updated version of the S.L.A.A. Sponsorship Pamphlet. Participants will read, discuss and share on various sections of the draft that are all related to sponsorship. This will be a collaborative workshop. Everyone will have opportunities to voice struggles, frustrations or offer their experience and ideas related to sponsorship. (draft will be distributed during the workshop).

“What we freely receive”


Many of us have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on our acting out. Isn’t it a beautiful gift that the S.L.A.A. program is free to those who need it? ​Service is a major resource as noted in our Preamble. During​ this session, Rick will offer suggestions and ideas on how we can give back to others what we freely receive. There are many small and large ways to offer service. Attending this workshop will be your boost or remind the long time members what other opportunities are available. Sometimes the more we give away, the more we receive.


12 Step Meetings​ ​

There are five 12 step meetings throughout the course of the weekend. Each meeting will have a chair and a basic format. If there is a speaker, all will be permitted to share after the speaker has finished.

  • Friday 9:00pm – TOPIC: ​Getting Current
  • Saturday 7:00am – TOPIC: ​Service Sign up to decide / Format provided
  • Saturday 11:15am – TOPIC: ​State Of Grace
  • Saturday 7:15pm – TOPIC: ​Speaker
  • Sunday 9:30am – TOPIC: ​Speaker

Social Activities & Recovery Events—Who can attend?
Intergroup (GDVI) members organize “Social Activities” and “Recovery Events” to strengthen recovery and the Fellowship. All Social Activities and Recovery Events are drug/alcohol-free.

  • “Social Activities” are presented by the GDVI Social Committee. (See below–this is a very dynamic, active, imaginative and sober-fun-loving committee!)  For Social Activities happening in public places, family members and friends who will respect anonymity are welcome to attend with you.
  • “Recovery Events” are organized by various GDVI Planning Committees. Recovery Events are open only to S.L.A.A. members and newcomers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

This is your Fellowship!
Find out about joining any GDVI committee. Attend any Intergroup Meeting on the second Tuesday of every month via telephone conference: (515) 606-5972 – Access code: 776724 #. Or call the Information Line, 609-621-SLAA (7522)and leave a message. Or write to Contact Corresponding Secretary, 

Subject: Committee Questions.

Your message will be forwarded to the planning committee of your interest.


Recovery Event—Intergroup on the Road—Ongoing
Intergroup on the Road is now a brief (15-20 minutes) share from current GDVI members, like a speaker meeting, on their personal benefits in recovery as a result of doing regional service. If your S.L.A.A. group would like to have members of GDVI (Intergroup) visit your meeting to share their experience, strength and hope about service in recovery,
please leave a message on the Information Line: 215-731-9760 or send an email to: Contact Corresponding Secretary,Subject: Intergroup on the Road.

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  • Annual 12-Step Retreat (co-ed)
  • NJ 12 Step Women’s Retreat